Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fast Food Funny!

Hey there everyone, I'm BACK! For today at least.

I've been super super busy, AND I have a confession to make. Yes we did it. We caved. We got home super late one night and bought some fast food to eat for supper...UGH!!!

BUT......I have a funny story because of it and wanted to share it.

If you didn't read my former post about Eating Out, well we have had decided to NOT eat out so we can save money and that just seemed like the easiest thing to cut out. Well that was until.....the other night.

Just to get you up to speed with what we do at our house......we hardly EVER run through a drive thru for food, so our kids are not accustom to this type of thing. And now on to my story.........

So I had been gone almost all night working with my sister (which I also NEVER do, but I was helping her paint her house) and got home uber late, so we picked up some food through the dreaded Drive-Thru.

My husband handed everyone their food and when he handed Ava's food to her(my 2yr, old) she exclaimed "THANK you Daddy!" and then turned to me and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Momma!!" LOL!!!!!

She had us rolling! The fact that we were eating fast food (to her) had to mean it was someone's birthday! :)

That's a good thing, right?! ;) Haha!



  1. Awww, that is so cute! And of course, hilarious!

  2. That is a good thing. Sorry you caved but at least you're being more intentional about not eating out too often.


  3. LOL that's hilarious! Being single, I eat out at fast food places more than I should...good for you giving it up!

  4. I know you wrote this blog like weeks ago but came across it... So funny :)