Monday, April 12, 2010

Clipping Coupons!

I just finished clipping my very first bunch of coupons and I couldn't be more excited! What a waste of time, you say? Yeah well, that's what I used to say, sister and aunt, both joined in the coupon clipping fiasco and peeked my interest a bit.

My sister came to visit on Saturday, toting along with her, her bag of goodies she had just bought from the store for only $18.00! And by goodies, I mean, Body Wash, A brand new Razor, 4 boxes of Cereal, Deoderant, Swiffer Cleaning Wipes, Etc. You get the picture. Her total before coupons was around $90.00 and her total after coupons was just $18.00. Crazy huh? I'd say THAT is definitely worth cutting coupons for, wouldn't you?

Oh, and they are getting a lot of the items for FREE! Now generic items can't beat that now can they?!

Since I'm such a newbie to all of this, I can't really give too much advice on using coupons, but if you are interested you can go here , where my aunt is sharing everything she knows about clipping coupons and how to use them. I promise, it IS worth it!

I promise to share with you what I get out of using coupons. I can't wait!


  1. I'm excited that you're getting in on the action. It's an addiction!

  2. I know, I can't wait to save money!

  3. I love coupon clipping and my friend Nichole "invented" the world's best coupon organizer! I hope to have a giveaway soon!

  4. I see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in our future.