Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes, my mind is all so consumed with dreams of our new home right now, that I can't think of anything else, so excuse my 'oh so boring' post today.

Aren't these beautiful? I, know, it's not quite what we're building, but I love it!
Just bear with me while I dream about this a little..........

So we finally made the move this weekend to start looking for property to build our dream home. I am super excited about this, although, we will most likely be living in a super small little trailer for about a year before we actually get our nice big house *sigh*

It's all worth it though (being cramped in a trailer, I mean), to be able to let my kids experince the country life. Running through the wooded trees and staying out past dark, catching fireflies (or lightening bugs). Aaah, I can't wait! I've never really been a 'country gal', so to speak, but this is the way I always dreamed of living and raising my the country.

We are those people who have been putting all of our recources into remodeling the home we're in now so that we can put it on the market and reap the benefits. Only problem is that (because of our already super busy life) it's going to take us 10 years to remodel everything. Over the weekend, we decided it would be ok to just go ahead and sell (as is), that is, if we ever want that Dream Home of ours anytime soon.

After looking at some property over the weekend, I am super siked! Lots of trees, great place to build our home. I'm praying that everything goes well and we get this property at a great price.

Anyhow, just sharing a little of our lives. Going to be super busy this week.

Oh, but I would love to know....Anyone ever lived in a trailer, while building their home? Did you almost go nuts being cramped up? Even though I'm excited, I'm a little nervous about the trailer, would love to hear about your experiences.



  1. Beautiful houses. Building is a blast!

  2. Hey, you stole my dream! I'm so excited for ya'll. Randy and I were just talking yesterday about the whole 'living in a trailer while we build' thing, just to go ahead and get out in the country. So, a log home? That's what we're thinking, too!

  3. Nikki- No actually we're not building a log home, I just think they are beautiful and I couldn't find the pic of the home we are building! It still represents the country life we want :)
    I would love to have one of these log homes for a vacation home someday, though!

    Yeah, hopefully we will be in a trailer soon!!! :) (not too excited about that part, but it's a step in the right direction)

  4. Amy,

    I never have. We rented an apartment for a year while we built. Is it a lot cheaper to go the trailer route or is it so that the trailer will be onsite?

  5. VKT- A little of both. It really depends on whether or not we have to get a loan or the owner is willing to finance.

    If we must get a loan, we would need to sell our house quikly and for a family of five, I think a trailer would be better and cheaper in the long run, if we could turn around and sell it.

    We're hoping we can get someone willing to finance, so that we are able to stay in our current home until our house is built.