Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mommy's In Skirts- What Do You Think?

As a young mommy, I still find myself shopping for the same cute clothes, similar to the things I wore before having kids. Only now when I'm shopping, I have a strange sensation that maybe I shouldn't where things like miniskirts, graphic tees or even skinny jeans for that matter (that is, if I could fit in them).  I feel like maybe I should be shopping for 'Mommy' clothes instead, you know, the clothes that you don't see any of the youth wearing.

Does anyone else ever feel this way? Too old to be wearing something?

Don't get me wrong, I think I have naturally become drawn towards different clothing lately and I don't know if it's from becoming a mother or just simply me getting older. Something in me, though, still wants to be young and get away with wearing clothes that are perhaps too young for me now.

I also don't know if it's that I feel I'm too old for these things or if it's just that because I'm a mommy that I feel like maybe I shouldn't.

I'm dying to put on skirts and tanks this summer because that's what I like.

But how do I know what is classified as 'too young'?

I pride myself on dressing well, so I don't ever want to be one of those mom's who someone sends to "What NOT to wear" because I can't let go of certain clothing styles.

What do you think? Can or Should mom's still wear miniskirts and graphic tees? Do you think it sends a bad message? Or does it mostly depend on HOW you wear it?

P.S. By miniskirts, I don't mean  'showing too much skin, nasty looking' skirts. I just mean a short skirt (something you could picture on someone a bit youger) as opposed to a long ankle length skirt.

The poll is now open and comments are welcomed! :)

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  1. I really think skirts (not ankle length) are good to wear! Tank tops too. And skinny jeans. I think if clothes fit well (as in not spandex tight) then you can probably pull them off.

    I'd probably die without graphic Ts!