Friday, March 12, 2010

Updating Our Living Room

Our African Themed (in case you were wondering) living room has been in serious need of updating. The curtains that we have had in there have been here for a LONG time and they're hideous (Sorry Honey!) My husband had these curtains when I met him and sadly we have never changed them. It has obviously not been a top priority. He blames the 'bad' curtains on being on a budget, which I believe, because he actually has excellent taste ;) and because 'good' curtains can be quite expensive.
This is where comes in handy. Yes, I love this online store! I found really amazing curtains here for really cheap. Not really that cheap, but much more affordable for really good curtains. We also found a really good rug for a REALLY good price!

Anyway we have done a little bit of updating and here are the before and afters.

The rug we bought is wool and happens to shed (I'm hoping this doesn't last), so please ignore any fuzzy's you may see!! :)
The update is not quite complete. We still plan to replace some of the artwork (with a zebra print in mind) on the wall and (of coarse) still plan on building that 'dream home' with a much larger living area in the near future. But for now, we've given our living room a nice 'face-lift' to keep us happy in the mean time.



  1. Looks nice and I love your coffee table!

  2. Honestly I think it looks great (I liked the African stuff too--minus the curtains!). Have you been to Africa? My bestie is going on her second trip to Rwanda on Wednesday and I uber jealous!

    Good work--and you should hang up some of Shamus' artwork!

  3. Thanks! No, I haven't been but I would LOVE to go sometime.

    We actually had talked about him creating a painting to go in there, so yeah, I think we might! :)