Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World Market Coffee

I absolutely LOVE coffee! But I can't seem to make it as good as restaurants. Does anyone else have this problem? I am not someone who gets up out of bed and totes my kids to Starbucks every morning for my morning coffee. If I could afford to, I might. I know that's terrible, but it tastes so much better than mine. Not just Starbucks, but McDonald's black coffee is delicious. I wish I knew what it was that makes it so good.

My husband and I shop at World Market periodically and I bought some coffee from here last week and it's sooo much better than anything I've ever bought and fixed myself before. It smells richer, I think because it's freshly ground. That makes a huge difference. It's also nice because you can by the Whole Bean Coffee and grind it yourself right in the store. How's that for fresh!

What kind of coffee do you drink?


  1. We use the old standby,Folgers,Classic blend,dark.I love the smell of freshly brewing coffee.

  2. Me too! Sometimes I think I just fix it so I can enjoy the aroma! I've tried fixing the classic Folgers coffee, but I just can't seem to brew it just right. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Mine never tastes as good either. In fact, mine never even tastes as good as when my husband makes it. We use Folgers. If you buy coffee at Costco you can grind it there too. Not sure if you knew that. ;) Thanks for following!! I love new followers! I am following you to :)

  4. Oh and by the way, I like your blog title :)

  5. Thanks, Jen! No, I actually didn't know that, but I don't live anywhere near a Costo :( We have a SAMS about 30 miles away, it's probably the same there, but I wouldn't know. We never shop there, but I'm not sure why??? :)

    Thanks so much for following and for reading!