Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beautiful Wife

I have been struggling with my 'mommy body' once again. I dealt with it once before, after I had my first child, and I am now on another emotional roller coaster dealing with it again. I have good days where I am proud of myself for bringing two beautiful babies into this world, but on my bad days.... I struggle with the new image of myself and it's incredibly hard to feel beautiful.

The other day I looked at myself, really looked...and I was so upset with what I saw in the mirror. It's not that this body I have is sooo hideous, it's just NOT the body that I used to have...the one that I loved. Why did I love the old body? For one, getting dressed didn't almost bring me to tears. Getting dressed now, requires a lot more of me ignoring the mirror. To put it simply...I don't like what I see. I want to feel beautiful again, just like any woman wants, and I want to be beautiful for my husband. Yes, for my husband. He is certainly not the sole purpose of me wanting to look and feel beautiful, but of coarse I want to look beautiful for him....he is my husband. Being a beautiful wife for him means a lot to me.

But after many tears and me snapping out of it..I've realized that this body I have is temporary. I decided to think of it like this...my body is in recovery mode from giving birth, one of the most magnificent things that any woman will ever experience. I WILL get back in shape, with a lot of effort, but it WILL happen. I have decided that God gave me this child and if he wants me to have to work really hard to re-shape my body, then that's what I will do and I am going to enjoy every minute of it! Being a beautiful wife does not just mean being beautiful on the outside....it means being a friend and companion to my husband and being pleasant to be around. My goal now is to stop focusing so much on how I look in the mirror and focus more on my attitude in general and that will help me to be a Beautiful Wife.



  1. I share the same struggle..I think most moms do. You'll get there!

  2. You will always be the most beautiful woman in the world. That's the only thing that you're going to have to deal with.
    I love you.