Friday, February 26, 2010

The Incident at SeaWorld

"What's going to be done with the whale"....this is what was being asked by news cast members after the 'Big Incident' at SeaWorld, when Dawn Brancheau was killed in an accident with killer whale,Tilikum, Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 24. Personally, I do not think this should even be up for debate. Why? Because these trainers know, getting into it, that there is a risk and well, because the whale cannot defend itself.

This type of show is entertaining to us. It's one of my favorite things at SeaWorld. But why does it entertain us? Because it's dangerous. We get to watch a small human being, dance around in the water with a 13,000lb. whale and be amazed that a thing like that is even possible. Well that's just it, it's possible, but still dangerous.

This is a very sad tragedy and I feel for this woman's family and for the pain that I'm sure they are having to endure. Nevertheless, this is something that is a gamble (getting in the water with a 13,000lb. whale). Do these whales ask to be taken captive and made to perform? I would have to say no. I do realize that many of these whales were born at SeaWorld, but did they have a choice? Is this the type of environment intended for an animal such as this? No. So why is it that anyone is even asking "what should be done with the whale?" Well, perhaps it wasn't meant to be a performing whale. It did what it's instincts told it to do. Animals cannot be reasoned with. They cannot speak for themselves. They are created to live in an environment especially for them and we have taken them out of that environment and wonder why a thing like this has happened? Really?

All I have to say is, this is very sad, but everyone involved knew the risks and knew the gamble they were taking. I do however, feel absolutely terrible for any of the children that had to witness this. Still, no one should want justice for this girl. Man created this situation and made it all too easy to happen.



  1. I'm so with you. Our paper said that the family didn't want anything bad to happen to the whale and I really hope nothing does. Except maybe an early and easy retirement!

    I'm never shocked when I hear about this stuff. No matter how long animals like this live in captivity, they are still wild animals.

    Great post today!

  2. I completely agree. It's really sad when you actually read about how these whales get put into captivity in the first place. I totally feel for the family of the girl that was killed, but I also feel for the whale that's forced to live in a tank the equivalent of a bathtub to a human for his size.