Friday, February 26, 2010

Make-Up Madness Beauty Tip.....Mascara

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a HUGE fan of make-up. Not because I am trying to cover up a hideous face. No, I am quite comfortable in my own skin. For me, make-up is my art and my face is my canvas. I love trying new techniques and finding new great products (and no, I am not giving a review for free stuff) I just wanted to share what make-up products I use and which ones I think are the best, and give what helpful tips I may have.

First of all ,let me just say that I do not think that there is ONE line of make-up out there that has the best of the best. Just because one brand has great eyeshadow, doesn't necessarily mean that their mascara is great. I would know...I have experimented enough. And yes, I have gone through very "bad" make-up stages during my experiments. I still do not think that I have "mastered" my make-up. Trends are always changing and I think it's a good thing to keep up (for the most part). For instance...Show girls might still be sporting the "blue eyeshadow and bright red lips" but that doesn't mean you should walk out of your house looking like that (I apologize if that's how any of you wear your make-up)

TIP: DON'T get stuck in a rut. If you've been sporting the same make-up colors, techniques, and style for 10yrs., do yourself a favor and just take a moment to look around at what others are doing (and remember to use it as a guideline ONLY). Who you decide to take tips from might not be the best choice. Flip through some magazines and check out make-up on others when your out and about (somewhere nice, that is. Don't be looking around when shopping at Wal-Mart...not really the best place for this task) Do this just to see if your make-up is still IN.

Another TIP: Just because you like what you see on someone else doesn't always mean it's the right look for you. Take into consideration, age and facial features. FOR EXAMPLE: If you like the 'smokey eye' you see on someone else , but you naturally have small, dark, sunken eyes, this may not be the right look for would instead, want something to OPEN up the eye (which is not what the 'smokey eye' does).

Ok, enough with giving tips. This is what mascara I use, because, of all the ones I've tried, I think it's the best (for me anyway). Oh, and I always wear waterproof mascara ,ALWAYS. The reason for this, is because my eyes tend to water a lot and I don't like for my mascara to run along with it. If you don't have this problem, you don't need waterproof (unless tears are to be expected). Waterproof DOES tend to dry out the lashes, so it's better not to use it if you don't need to.

What I use........L'Oreal's Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in 'Carbon Black'



  1. I am going to have to give this one a try,I need something new and better.thanks for the tip

  2. I'm such a Mary Kay gal. I even rambled in a post about it. But I agree that different skin + different environments + different personalities= different make-up needs!

  3. I agree with being choosy where you look for your 'new looks.' I learned that one day when I went to a department store and the makeup artist/saleslady had a look that I did NOT like. Great tip: Don't let a hairdresser with bad hair do YOUR hair, and don't let a makeup artist with bad makeup do YOUR makeup! Common sense, right?

  4. Nikki- I considered getting permanent make-up done and found one woman who was willing to do it for me at such a young age. HER permanent make-up was (in my eyes) terrible! I decided, if that's what she thought looked good, there was NO way I was letting her tatoo permanent make-up on my face.

    Great Tip!

  5. Reagan- I've tried Mary Kay's Facial Cleansing system before and Loved it. But as I got older developed Adult Acne and switched to ProActive. I've never tried too many of their make-up products, though.

    But, yes, I think you should always use what works best for YOU, not what works for someone else.