Friday, February 19, 2010

Spyder's Photo Shoot (5mo. old)

Taking individual photos of my kids was on my Mommy-Do List this week and so far I have taken photos of my youngest, Spyder, but unfortunately...I did not get to anyone else. I guess I know what will be on my list for next week!

Photography has always been a slight interest of mine, but nothing that I was crazy passionate about. What has turned that SLIGHT interest into a very PASSIONATE one? Having kids. Has anyone else noticed how expensive it is to get photos taken? Yes, I realize there are places that offer more affordable packages, but I am not one of those moms that can CHOOSE between all of the cute photos of my child and leave some of them needless to say, I end up spending WAY more than I intend to EVERY time.

Studio One to One is where we have gone for great professional photos,and although they take excellent photos, we can't afford to do that very often and I would like to capture every milestone in my children's lives.

So here is my little Spyder(5mo. old), sprawled across our bed for a very relaxed photo session........

This one turned out slightly blurry, but his expression was just too cute!!!

Check out this site for tips on taking your own great photos!

Have any tips that you would like to share? Please leave a comment below!



  1. He's beautiful! I found you through Friday Follow- I'm a new follower. :) You have a gorgeous family!

  2. Thank you, Bethany! And thanks for cheking out my blog!

  3. I read a book a couple of years ago about photographing children. The main idea was to shoot, shoot, shoot. When I started doing that, I got so many good photos. I did a shoot like the one you did of Spyder for Nathan when he was about 8 months old. It was so fun, and I'm glad I have those pictures. You can see them if you click on his photo on the right column of my blog. Anyway, I've been doing this with all the kids, and I get a few that I love. And, with digital, it's SO easy!

    He's SO cute and looks like a perfect blend of all of you!

  4. Thanks, Nikki. Yes, I've seen those photos and they are great. You are actually who inspired the photo shoot :) I thought I had read advice on your blog somewhere, but I guess you had just shared that with me some other time (about opening windows to let in a lot of natural light) Well it worked for thanks for sharing what you read!