Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day at our house usually consists of exchanging small gifts between everyone. The kids usually get a toy and some chocolates. My husband and I exchange gifts some years and some we don't...depends on our budget at the time. A romantic evening alone usually does not happen. Although it would be nice and this year my husband even offered to have someone watch the kids so that we could enjoy a meal outside of the house....I turned it down.

It would be nice, but also a lot of hassle to gather up our three kids and everything that they would need and tote them to someone else's house in the cold just to leave them for an hour or so just to eat dinner.

SO..I had a different idea for us this year. I thought we would try having a romantic, candlelit dinner at home... with our kids in the other room. Yes, I realize that this may not go as planned, but I'm prepared for that and I really don't mind so much if we have to listen to a little bickering or fussing coming from the small children in the other room.

These small moments together can happen with our children around and even if it's not so can still be romantic. I also think it is a good thing for our children to see that we are making a point to share a romantic evening together. It's ok for them to see the candlelit dinner we are preparing for ourselves. It's good for them to know the importance of romance in a relationship between husband and wife.

When we are done with our dinner, we will be exchanging gifts with the kids and maybe enjoying a dessert together. It's also ok that we spend Valentines Day with our kids, because they are just as much our valentine as we are each others. And they are a symbol of what our love is and what it has created.


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