Friday, January 15, 2010


I came across a blog today that I wanted to share and I have posted a link to it below. It was an incredibly interesting story about circumcision that I think everyone should read regardless of your choice in the matter. My husband and I had discussed this issue (To circumcise or not to circumcise) before we ever new we were having a boy and so when that time came it was a no-brainer what we wanted to do. We chose NOT to circumcise.

We strongly believe that it is completely unnecessary and just horribly sad. We had our Dr. confirm that it is not a necessary procedure, but is mainly performed because of religious beliefs and just by popular demand. Parents want their child to look like their father or don't want them to be self-conscious in gym class. As much as I don't want that either, it's still not enough for me to want to mutilate my child. We do not mutilate our daughters do we? Well in some places they do and we call this mutilation, but this is not how they see it. The blog in the link below talks more about this.

I certainly do not place any judgement on the decisions or beliefs of others, this is just how my husband and I personally feel about the subject and it is the best thing for us.


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  1. Thank you. Interesting link. I respect the wish not to interfere in other people's family business, but I remember the man who said (in more colourful words than these) "My family doesn't [urinate] with my [penis], they don't [masturbate] with my [penis], they don't [have sexual intercourse] with my [penis], so what right had they to go cutting parts off my [penis]?"

    Human rights inhere to all humans and circumcision is lifelong. Making the slightest cut in a girl's genitals (except for clear medical need) sterilely, surgically, is illegal. Among developed countries, the non-religious male variety is offered as an option and made "a decision parents have to make" only in the US. It should simply not be offered. Here's one doctor who's made a start.