Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Potty-Training Success!

I am so excited...we had our first successful day of potty-training yesterday!

I am writing about it because I wanted to share my success and hopefully help someone else. First of all, if you are potty-training right now, DITCH the pull-ups. I think they may work great at the very beginning stages of potty-training, but if your child is over 2 and is (like my child) able to tell you they don't want to go potty, they also understand very well how the pull-ups work. They are not going to make a mess when they potty in their pull-up.

I have been using pull-ups for about a year now! Well they're not working. I decided to follow the advice of my mom and best friend and use panties. I was not excited about this and I guess it's because I knew it would require much more work on my part. In most areas of my life I do not consider myself lazy, but when it comes to potty-training I have been. I am a clean freak, and that's just it...I don't want to clean up my daughters pee-pee from off the floor. This is the reason for the pull-ups. They conveniently pull up and down like real underwear and make it easy to go potty all day and just in case they have an accident it doesn't make a mess. Well I thought they were great. The only problem is that they were not helping my daughter to get potty-trained.

Yesterday I put panties on her and took her potty about every 30-40min. and she stayed dry ALL day, even through nap time! She even snuck in there a couple of times to go potty all by herself (and yes, I did check to make sure it was a successful trip). She was excited about wearing "Big Girl" underwear. We had bought her some Elmo and Dora panties, but I decided to start off slow and use the training panties first. They are much thicker than regular panties, so if she goes potty in them, SHE will be a mess, but not so much the floor. She even woke up this morning and it felt as though she had gone potty in her diaper maybe once throughout the night, whereas usually she has a very FULL diaper.

So I think we have found what works, through the advice of others of-coarse, and I'm always happy to hear advice!


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