Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Injuring Ava

Today I laid the kids down for a nap, threw a load of laundry in to wash, took a quick shower, threw another load in the washer, dried my hair, cleaned up from lunch, got drinks and snacks ready for when everyone woke up,picked up random toys from various parts of the house(knowing that I would be doing it all over again at the end of the day), and realized I still had a little time left before nap was over and decided to give myself a much needed pedicure.

The minute I was done, nap was over and when I went to get Ava (my 2yr. old) up, she immediately noticed my toes were painted (just like a girl) and said "Mommy, your toes are so pretty!" I replied "Thank you" and went on to change diapers, take Ava potty and feed everyone snack. After snack it was play time for the kids, so I went on about my business, picking up from snack, getting carried away with rinsing sippy cups and filling them again, cleaning up the kitchen AGAIN, when I noticed that things were very quiet in the other room where the kids should be playing. Every parent knows this is usually a bad sign.Every now and then I get lucky and peak around the corner just to find Ava playing quietly with her baby dolls or captured by the cartoons on the TV. Well today I was not so lucky.

I peaked around the corner to find that Ava was not in her room playing. I quickly found her in my room and yes...she was playing. I approached her to find pretty pink fingernail polish all over the floor and all over her. When my eyes met hers she immediately said "I don't want a spankin'". She obviously knew this was a no no, but I didn't have any plans of spanking her to begin with, but I was mad, and I'm sure she could tell, but I was mad at myself for leaving the polish where she could get to it. My main focus was to get her cleaned up first. So off we went to the bathroom so I could search for fingernail polish remover. I sat her down to go potty while I searched in the cabinet above her, which turned out to be a big mistake because as I was fumbling with the many items in my hand and trying to grab the polish remover from the back of the cabinet, I dropped the can of hairspray and of coarse it hit Ava directly between the eyes. She screamed and when she looked up at me with blood dripping down her face, I screamed!

We both calmed down as I blotted her face and cleaned up the finger nail polish mess that was on her. All the while, Ava was glaring at me and said to me "That wasn't very nice". Poor baby. I had to explain to her that it was an accident and that Mommy didn't mean to hit her, but that it fell out of my hands. So needless to say, she got out of getting in trouble for the nail polish,well.... sort of. She did end up with a knot on her head, so she might disagree.


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