Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do Your Best!

Wow, last night's work-out was amazing! We followed the Plyometrics(Jump Training) video last night and, even though I thought I might collapse during part of it, I felt incredible afterwards. If anyone has been curious about the P90X video's, it is definitely worth your time and money.

The Trainer in these video's (Tony Horton) is very encouraging and makes it seem possible for you to follow him when otherwise you could easily get discouraged if you couldn't keep up. He is constantly saying "Just do your best and forget the rest". As cheesy as this may sound, it does help to hear it when your stumbling over your own feet during a work-out. My motto is "Doing something is always better than doing nothing".

I am looking forward to these next 6 months and I am going to do my best!


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  1. Hey Amy, I couldnt' leave a comment on the original P90X post. I saw that advertised and thought NO WAY! I'm proud of you for doing it. Try having a baby at 37! But I'm training for a 5K and hoping for the same results! Good luck.